How to create a topic with a poll

  • 30 April 2021
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Easy steps

  1. When creating a new topic (in Community or Control) click the three dots ‘...’ → Poll. A Poll form field will be added below your topic description.
  2. Add your question.
  3. Add options (at least 2, otherwise it’s just a question ; )
  4. Add a topic and hit ‘Publish’ when you’re done.

Create New Topic - Poll option in Community



Create New Topic - Poll option in Control



On a need to know basis… and you need to know!

⚠️ Polls can’t be added to existing topics. Also, once you've created a poll, it's currently not possible to add new options to it.

⚠️ If you close a topic containing a poll, then members will still able to vote on it - the only way to disable voting is by trashing the topic.

✅ You can only pick one answer in a poll. Choose wisely.

✅ Any registered user can add a poll to a topic. So democratic.

✅ Want to delete a poll from a topic? View the topic in Control, click 'Edit Poll', then -make sure you're certain, since this next step will immediately delete the poll- click 'Delete poll'.

✅ Accidentally made a typo in your poll? No sweat! View the topic in Control, click 'Edit Poll', correct the poll option, then hit 'Save changes'. You can also remove poll options (as long as no votes have been cast for that poll).

4 replies

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 @Natan Leibzon @angelz & everyone else of course :smile: 

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Amazing @Verdi Heinz. In will be very useful in different scenarios. I can imagine quite a few for educators and translators :thinking:

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ThankYou @Verdi Heinz 
excellent explanation

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