Elementor Hub guidelines - Very important!

  • 22 April 2021
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Elementor Hub guidelines - Very important!
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The rules you read here are for the benefit of all community members. They help prevent spam, keep the Hub clean, safer and better to navigate. So please take a brief moment to read them! 🙏


✅ We update the rules based on new insights.

✅ Constructive feedback and questions are always welcome, even for these rules.

✅ By using this platform, you promise to adhere to the rules below.


1. ALWAYS be respectful.

  • By being positive and constructive helps make people of all skill levels feel safe to learn and grow.
  • Comment only in English. Language-specific rooms are an exception.
  • Never discriminate in any form. Foul language, hurtful or insulting comments are removed together with your access to this platform.


2. Be you! Use your real full name and profile picture.


Build trust:

  • Show who you are in your profile picture.
  • Use of a company logo is not allowed, especially not Elementor's.
  • Feel free to fill in the field "Company" to display that for you in a future update.

When not using your real identity:

  • Customers: we will update it for you using your customer data.
  • Others: we will remove your ability to interact in this forum.


3. Stay on the topic of the room you're in.

  • Use common sense for grey areas.
  • If your comment is too off-topic for any existing rooms, we will move it to the Watercooler Chat Room without notice.


4. Don't like a post or comment? Ignore it or flag it.

  • Doing so helps us prevent negative discussions.
  • Ignoring what you don't like saves you time.
  • A positive Community is more helpful for all.


5. Comment helpful resources instead of posting them.

  • Please help us prevent spam and keep the Hub focused on its intended purpose.
  • Share resources to help solve a problem, not just to promote yourself.


6. Do not spam, share affiliate links, or promote any hidden agenda.

  • Giving more than taking and being transparent about your motives helps you build trust.
  • Never send a private message unless someone explicitly asks for it. 
  • Unless you are a verified moderator or Elementor Employee, please don't ask people to private message you to help them. Always share your wisdom openly with the community.
  • If you intend to hire someone, ask for private messages instead of comments.
  • If a source has affiliate links, mention it right after the link.

Example: Check out these videos (warning: contains affiliate links!) 


7. Job offers or requests? Go to Elementor Experts!


8. Do you find an actual Bug? Please report it on GitHub!

  • Doing so ensures our Developers will see it.
  • You will help to keep the Hub clean and easier to navigate.
  • Thank you for helping! 

Please go here to submit your report.


9. Do not post Security Warnings, rants, or empty complaints.

  • Security Warnings are often abused as attention-grabbing click-bait and quickly become unhelpful rants. Actual issues are almost always solved already.
  • Do you have problems with Elementor support? The Hub is not the place to address them. Please go to instead.


🙏 Thank you so much for reading this!


Ps. as always, your feedback is most welcome. Feel free to do so in the comments.

8 replies

Verdi, thank you for creating this document!

I read it thoroughly and noticed some typos. See the attached document with tracked changes. Hope it helps!

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Verdi, thank you for creating this document!

I read it thoroughly and noticed some typos. See the attached document with tracked changes. Hope it helps!

Thank you so much!! It sure does, we have very little time to write these posts and mistakes are made. Being human doesn’t help much either. 

Your doc will be processed soon, thanks again 🙏

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Verdi, thank you for creating this document!

I read it thoroughly and noticed some typos. See the attached document with tracked changes. Hope it helps!

It took a while, but I just fully updated the rules, including the typo’s you found. Thanks again @Tammi Coles ;-)

Happy Wednesday Elementor folks - 


I have a small project that I’d like to post and publish but read the community guidelines and found the following:

Job offers or requests? Go to Elementor Experts!

  • I spent a few minutes looking around and concluded this process is obtuse and NOT very user friendly.  I’d rather post my job and hear back from interested folks versus trying to track/chase folks down.

    For now I guess I’ll go to codeable for talent.

    Just wanted to share.  A dedicated job boards area would be nice.



Great thank you

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i’ve read the rules its’ okto me..

not very good in english but sur i’ll get better in it and in use of Wp and Elementor



Thanks for this! I am unable to get the Elementor Experts link to work. Is anyone else having the same problem? I am working from a state computer and sometimes our network blocks silly things, so that may be it.

Thanks so much Verdi! 


btw - all the sites are Elemementor with another on the way and a few more planned


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