🎊🎉 Elementor 3.3 - Introducing Full Website Kits 🎊🎉

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🎊🎉 Elementor 3.3 - Introducing Full Website Kits 🎊🎉

Get ready to change the way you start website projects!. With Elementor 3.3, you’ll be able to maximize your existing designs, create an ideal website blueprint, and kickstart your next project with designer-made website kits.

Here’s what you’re getting in Elementor 3.3:


✅  Full Website Kits - Create websites faster and more efficiently by using Elementor content across your sites. Export your entire website including templates, content and site settings, then import them into a new or existing website.


✅  Kits library - Accelerate your web creation with dozens of pixel-perfect, designer-made website kits, containing everything you need for a complete website. Deliver complete, professional websites faster and find inspiration for your next project.


✅  Performance Improvements  - Experience faster page load and get better performing websites scores enabling the new conditional and inline CSS Load.


✅  Color sampler  - Now you’ll have the ability to grab the primary colors from any image on your page or the specific colors from widgets you added color values to. 


Don’t forget to ALWAYS backup your site and test the new version in a staging environment. Plus, make sure the add-ons you work with are compatible with Elementor 3.3 to prevent any issues. You can check the compatibility under the “Plugins” section of your WordPress. 

Learn more about these new features in here. We can’t wait to see all of the amazing designs you create! 

The new Kits Library is Awesome and I really loved the Color Sampler Option. Looking forward to Re-designing my Entire Website  :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


One question - can you actually add an RSS feed to https://forum.elementor.com/product-updates , so updates can be shown in Feedly, Reeder and other feed reading software?



I see on my Wordpress Dashboard that I shouldn’t upgrade Elementor to 3.3, BUT there’s a warning that it has only been tested with Elementor Pro 3.2, yet the latest release of Pro is 3.3.1! My question to Elementor is how does the company arrive at such a point that it’s own premium product hasn’t been tested with the latest free version?

Buenas noches. No consigo insertar una plantilla de la biblioteca de elementor pro. Al clicar “primeros pasos” aparece el mensaje “cannot create user”. ¿Alguien puede indicarme qué hacer para continuar? Gracias 

Doesn´t work. Cannot import any kit.

Awesome! Just love you guys! :)

Doesn´t work. Cannot import any kit and error “cannot create user”



Good to know that!

It doesn’t work

Making things efficient is awesome!