Additional Breakpoints are coming to Elementor 🙈

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Additional Breakpoints are coming to Elementor 🙈

Are you using Elementor's Developer Edition? Well, you’re in for a treat.


As part of the latest dev edition we’re finally unveiling the initial version of one of our most anticipated features - Additional Custom Breakpoints!


Currently, the Additional Custom Breakpoints feature is set as an Experiment. To activate it, go to the Admin Dashboard > Elementor > Settings > Experiments, look for the "Additional Custom Breakpoints" experiment, choose "Active" in the dropdown, and save your settings.


Some of the stuff you’ll be able to test:


  • Responsive adjustments for up to 7 devices

  • Custom breakpoint management for individual screen sizes

  • Scale control for zooming in and out (coming soon!)


The experiment also includes performance improvements, making the generation and usage of responsive controls faster and more efficient throughout Elementor's system.



NOTE: This feature is still highly experimental. We expect issues and bugs at this stage, and would appreciate your feedback, which you can submit here (please check that a similar issues has not been posted already before submitting).

As always, we recommend installing Developer Edition only on test or staging websites, and not on production environments.


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Love it - Shiloey was telling me about these coming and how performance has not been affected - good job chaps

On it since minute 1.

Hoo, this is great👏🏻👏🏻

I hope it will have options to adjust elements Padding and Margins, If not? There is no point in having this right?

Yes, a big one. I’ve playing with this option for a while in Development beta, no problems at all.

Good one, guys and girls from R&D. :sunglasses:

Wow, @Shilo & Team, 

That’s great news!! Thank you for all the hard work! 


So I created a Heading with a different font size for each of the breakpoints but the CSS created for Tablet Extra & Mobile Extra seems to be wrong…


This will be a game changer in terms of how much we can control the display. To be honest, when I saw that feature on Webflow I thought “how amazing is that” because it empowers the designer/developers to ensure a better UX regardless the device.


I look forward testing this feature, a million thanks to the Elementor team, specially R&D (You are the real MVP)!

This would be a fantastic feature to be in the builder. I always work around this with the css directly. I mostly end up with min/max in order to meet the devices and the playing with landscape and portrait format on mobiles and pads. 
Really looking forward to this!:grinning: