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  • 4 September 2021
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Is it just me or others think too that ELEMENTOR should take care of this silly issue as it doesn’t make sense for me to install multiple plugins for Safety & Money purpose. 

I am surprised by the size of Website & Unsed CSS even though Core Web Vitals have become such a necessity.

It could be a pro feature if not free, No one else knows their code better than them.


My website performance is highly degraded in search engine console page experience tab. I have suffered from 100 good page experience pages to 0 pages in 10 days. Really Disappointed,  I should have been more careful, but I trusted such a big name.





Bla Bla Bla

& atleast they could automatically take care of removing unused CSS as what’s the point of adding Theme Builder option, if the theme is not optimized. It might sound ranting and someone might delete this post of mine but It’s a shame in the era of performance.

It’s Mobile Indexing first nowdays, & Mobile optimization is way bad.

If you look for Elementor Optimization, They are suggesting to use some paid plugins.

FYI, I use paid CDN & other things but what I really don’t like Elementor is not taking responsibility for unused CSS & JS, if they won’t who would? Why should I buy one more plugin which will help in removing what Elementor added. 


PS: I am not associated with anyone or anything, I am just a helpless Website owner, who used to think twice even before updating URL of my slug. I don’t know how I made this blunder of trusting big names.

3 replies

even i am facing the same problem.

someone who is new and in the learning process cannot even ubderstand the jagron..

i think its respomsibility of elementor team to look for such issue ..   

i am not a web developer and dont even know coding .. i started a blog website and when i checjed it on google page insight i found the same thing

i a last 1 week i have watched 30 hrs of content on elementor Youtube channel but not founda single video to resolve the issue 

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@Aviva Darab , please check it.



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Hi, @HappyGuy 

Have you set the new experiment settings to Active?


Few days ago, I did a little test.

Initial condition: Use default setting.
I install new WordPress Installation &  Elementor. I built a new page just for the sake of testing. I used some general widgets like Headings, Text, Image Box, Icon Box. I did not use any widget using JS like Carousel or Slides. And I did not use any widget using eicons.

Then I tested using Google Page Speed Insights.


Later condition: I set active as the SS above

Then I tested using Google Page Speed Insights.

I see some improvement in score. I think in Elementor 3.4.x, dev team of Elementor has been improving the performance. It’s not perfect yet. I think it’s still on progess. 

Like eicons, personally I avoid using any widget that has eicons like Nav Menu. So, my favorite theme is like Blocksy or Generatepress that hosted icons locally. (icons for mobile toggle, closing and dropdown menu).


Avoid using JS on the above the fold area (Hero section). I dont recommend using Slides or Slideshow Background type for the Hero section. If you’re using any JS below the fold, you can delay them like carousel etc.


Our team has an article about → Elementor speed, a bit out of date because now Elementor version 3.4.x is better, but the principle of build website with performance mindset still can be applied. 


Just sharing ^^ Cheers mate