toolkit/wp rocket/cloudflare????

  • 16 October 2021
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Question about caching.

Is there a need for something like WP Rocket or other cache plugin if I have Nginx and memcache on the server and also running the site through cloudflare and also using toolkit for various optimizations?

There are so many different levels of caching its hard to know whats having the most effect. I have set up cloudflare following the toolkit guide that should 'supposedly' put most of the caching on cloudflare and not the server/site.

From my understanding if the cache is being served from cloudflare then something like wp rocket isnt needed, but maybe im mistaken. Toolkit is used for lazy loading and other optimisations, while cloudflare can do the minify of css & js. I will also use Webp images and asset clean up plugin for further optimisations.

what do you think and recommend?

0 replies

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