• 24 July 2021
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The new update sucks.  Now when I have to edit widgets I have to use the tab key to move through fields of the widget.  If I use the scroll bar the widget I am trying to edit closes.  STUPID.  

5 replies

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I haven’t really noticed this problem. Did the scroll bar width shrink? The only way I can replicate it is if I miss target the scrollbar with my mouse and click outside the widget pane entirely.

I have a wheel on my mouse and usually use that, so that may be why I didn’t notice the issue.

Hey,  Thanks for the reply.   Using the wheel works, I just don’t use my wheel much because it’s usually slow to react :-/  But yeah, if I try to use the scroll bar in chrome it closes the widget :-/

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To clarify, does it actually click out of the widget when you click on the scroll bar? (rather than miss it because it is so tiny). 

If so, that is really odd -- have you tried it in any other Web browsers? 

If the issue is the tiny width, one thing I just experimented with is making the scrollbar wider with CSS. The rule is: .ps__thumb-y, .ps__rail-y:focus>.ps__thumb-y, .ps__rail-y:hover>.ps__thumb-y {
width: 6px;

I changed that width to 10px and it definitely was easier to click on. 

Now the trick is -- how best to apply it to the Elementor editor… I think you can probably enqueue an admin.css style sheet in your child theme function file, like described here:

But what I did was this:

  1. Get a Chrome extension called “Stylebot from Chrome’s extension store.
  2. Go to the front of the domain that you are working on and open Stylebot (if you try doing this from within the Elementor editor you won’t see the Stylebot controls because they are beneath Elementor’s editor.
  3. Put the above CSS in where the domain’s code is. Bump it up in size -- for fun I made it 20px just to see if it worked.
  4. Refresh your Elementor editor page -- you should see the change.

Here is what my big, fat scrollbar looks like now:

Hope this helps!

I tried it in Firefox and it does the same thing.  It has nothing to do with the width of the scroll bar :-/  Since I can use the wheel I found a better work a round and I don’t really want to spend more time on this.  Technology sucks!  

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So strange! I have no idea what could be causing it across browsers. Maybe the server is too low on memory and it is causing something to crash when you click it. Glad that the scroll wheel is working OK at least!