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🚀 Speed it up! Get answers to any speed related question from a list of experts now!

  • 10 August 2021
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🚀 Speed it up! Get answers to any speed related question from a list of experts now!
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If you're interested in speeding up your website, we’d love you to meet some of the experts in our community. For the duration of 3 days, you can ask them anything right here on the Hub. In fact, feel free to start doing so right now!

If you need more in-depth help and want to hire any of these performance optimization experts, pick one of them from the list below. Each one is a verified performance expert, hand-picked by our internal experts, and can be found on the Elementor Experts Network.


In no particular order


Would you like to be a verified Expert too, please apply here.

5 replies

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I shouldn’t lick my lips when I see my name up there.


[Licks Lips]

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@Imran Siddiq Damn and I had someone in the list above (!) contacting me about potentially helping them with web optimization at their studio, saying they found me through all my answers on the subject and that they were in no way an optimization expert despite being mentioned above. We both had a good laugh about it, but I’m glad we have met thanks to this forum!

I can only dream to be on this list right now. Maybe next time! Enjoy your fame. ;)

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@HeleenVerkerk You’re doing great with your support :)

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Thanks @Imran Siddiq! I’m going to give it a shot and say you meant to mention me. Haha!

And same to you. =)

Greetings Folks.

In a previous post, it said not to really rely on Gtmetrix or Google page speed. What would be the best way to check for page speed to see how visitors would experience the site.

For all the sites i get 95-99 on Google Page speed and on Gtemetrix plus minus 89 These are for ecommerce sites with about 400 products

I have optimized images using Photoshop, and use Litespeed which makes a huge difference with speed. Should i use a plugin like Smush  to compress images before connecting to Litespeed. I dont use Cloudflare as this slows down my sites.

I also use shared hosting, so i can understand why it take about 1 sec extra to load.

Based on these speeds is this considered good.

Thanks in advance