Search results not as expected

  • 13 October 2021
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I have a site with a search issue

If I search for some terms eg "star wars" I get exactly what I expect. However searching on other terms eg "torch" the result shows many products that seem to have no relation to 'torch'. The same issue is evident when searching products in the admin.

Does anyone know why this happens?


3 replies

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I’ve entered a few search criteria (e.g. bunny, Nike, unicorn, ball, sandal, slippers). It would appear that the tags you’ve entered for many of your items aren’t specific enough. So, probably start by revisiting your product tags.

A football, for example would be under the category of Sport, but would only have the tag football; yet ifI click on the Sport category, I’m also seeing things like bath toys and lunchboxes.

Hi The categories/tags are decided by the shop manager - I don’t really care about that. The question is ... when I search on a string ‘torch’ why do products display that seem not to mention the word ‘torch’?


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For the same reason I explained. The tags aren’t specific enough.