Preferred SEO Optimization Tools and Methods

  • 13 August 2021
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How do you all manage SEO (keywords, schema, local, sitemap, etc.) on your Elementor sites? Do you use a plugin?

I’ve landed on SEOPress Pro, but have seen mention of Rankmath and we all know about Yoast which was just acquired. SEOPress just released a major update which didn’t work inside the Elementor editor but may have resolved the issue by this point.

Are all of these plugins just as good?
Should we expect any different results based on feature sets (assuming plugins are properly utilized)?
Do you use these plugins for schema markup?

Thanks for sharing your experience and advice!

8 replies

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I use RankMath & Yoast mostly, and schema for some projects.  I don’t think it will matter much what SEO tools you use when it comes to results.  In the end what matters most is the quality of the content and time.  I sometimes have to temper expectations of some clients that want to rank #1 on serps for competitive keywords within a few weeks.  It’s a process, and this is especially true for brand new sites.

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@Abner Rojas Do you use RankMath and Yoast on the same sites? I’d imagine not?

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Not both on one site,  separate sites.

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I tried Yoast and RankMath to compare and ended up liking RankMath best. I have not tried SEO press. I bought a RankMath Business account so I could use that for all my sites and my client’s sites (unless they already have a Yoast account). 

It works well with Elementor. 

I use their schema templates, custom schema, and sitemaps. I like the ability to pull in other site’s schemas and just edit with the client’s sites info. Saves a lot of time. 



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RankMath totally rocks my world.

Easy for me and when handing over to clients too.

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Hi @Brian Erickson, if you are using SEOpress, please check out this vulnerability posted this morning from WordFence:

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Hi, @Brian Erickson I found this SEO “gems” tool Slim SEO is very lightweight for basic SEO. I think if you know the principle of basic SEO, this basic tool becomes very powerful. Slim SEO can cover:

  • Schema markup
  • Custom title & description html tags
  • Sitemap.xml

The rest is how you implement On Page SEO, Keyword Research, Off Page SEO & Technical SEO.

And it’s free ^^ they plan to launch the PRO. But free is enough for basic website.


Just share my opinion ^^


+1 for RankMath