Please can someone confirm speed

  • 5 October 2021
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Hello folks

I would appreciate some feedback about these sites i have optimized and if the readings i am getting on Gtmetrix and Google Speed are correct. What i mean by this is that they are accurate and reflect the actual website speed for visitors. On Gtmetrix i need to check twice.

I have used Litespeed and connect to litespeed and not Cloudflare

I have used Astra and Elementor. I have activated Redis via Cpanel for one of the sites.

The 3 websites are 99 mobile - 100 desktop ( Woocommerce installed) 99 mobile 99 Desktop 98 mobile - 100 desktop . When i load this to check this on Google speed and Gtmetrix the first two blocks of the header show a grey gradient. Not sure the reason for this. Can someone please elaborate on this. Is this because of Elementor or the theme

Thank you in advance


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It is a background overlay, you have set up in Elementor’s Section - style-  background overlay area.

So what happens is when Browser download your background images, your background overlay acts as a fallback because CSS download much faster than images.

CSS responsible 


I hope it solved your gradients issue.