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  • 17 September 2021
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Hi all together!

I’m using Elementor Pro to build my website and I love it. BUT: there are some (and I have no idea wich ones) links, that open in a new tab and others don’t. Do some of you have this issue and can help me?

Perhaps take a look at: ← where this happens when you browse through the site.


Thanks in regard!


6 replies

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Check out this area (when adding links using Elementor, buttons, etc) that might help you (first attachment)

I have noticed that if you use the Social Icons widget, by default they are all set to open in a new tab (which makes sense, we want people to remain on the site when visiting one of our social networks).  Other links/buttons do not have this set by default, but it usually is an option available to you.

If you are using a text widget, adding a link to a selection of text is slightly different.  See second attachment, where you have to click the gear icon to get the “open in a new tab” choice.

Hope this helps!!

Thanks Tiffany

But on all the buttons and links where this strange behavior happens, these checkboxes are unchecked!

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No plugin installed that might be overriding that?  I have used plugins in the past, to force pages to open in new window/or not open, on sites that have too many links to handle it manually.

For example (see screenshot).  On this page, the link for “Kinderlieder.” is opening in a new tab, but you have not set that yourself through Elementor (or other editor)?  Sorry, just wondering a few things to try and narrow down what can be causing that.

well, that seems to point it out. the reason is somewhere in changing the domain and mapping it around a several days ago. and it seems, that not all links are up to date… thanks!! 

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Glad I could help a little.  Sometimes getting two brains together will brings tons to light.


Hi, I have the same problem with especially for phones i don't want to pages open in a new tab, and same as Till the checkboxes are unchecked and in my case the pages are from the same source.