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  • 22 June 2021
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Most people are familiar with the Elementor Sites of the Month category from the Elementor blog. There, innovative developments with the page builder are shown (example: sites from the month of April).

Here you show your fastest Elementor/Pro website that you have developed for customers or yourself - of course it may look good also 😉. Please show real websites (“in use”) only.

- no cdn sites
- Test with PageSpeed Insights, only
- only mobile results count

Name the tools you used for optimization. Show a screenshot if you want.

Have this in mind
Results vary - depending on when you test and from where you test. Up to ten points difference is normal. Show your best.


an example


Description: Simple customer site, using Elementor Pro, child theme, Disable Gutenberg, Rank Math SEO, WebP Express, two fonts hosted local

Optimization with: WP Rocket

URL: innung-owl.de



4 replies

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What if you have Global Audience?

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What if you have Global Audience?

I think you are lucky then ;)

Joking aside, this is not about evaluating the performance of the content delivery network servers. That would be a separate category and certainly very interesting, too.

This is about the basic substance - how far is it possible to optimize the website? Do I have the right hoster and so on.

One more - for agencies, it should also be an important point within their portfolios. If you can advertise that you develop very fast websites depending on the needs of your customers, then this is certainly an advantage, too.

Hosted on Elementor’s hosting plan, with just WP Rocket for optimization in addition to the hosting optimizations.

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@KensonPlaysCannot confirm your result from my site of the world (checked it 4 times - best was a 90), but it is very cool, you gave it a try :thumbsup_tone3: