Image carousel - need same height

  • 3 September 2021
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I have a problem with the image carousel and the image heights in the carousel.

For example i have three pictures - all in the same resolutions, but one is upright. Two are 1920x1080 and one is 1080x1920.

So my problem is mixing of pictures with more height with pictures with more width - without cutting away parts of some pictures.

In my case i want to use it for an photographers intro page - but the pictures are sometimes wide and sometimes upright - and he dont like the thought of cutting away parts of the pictures.

3 replies

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im here for this! how can this not be a BASIC feature? I have used two whole days on trying to fix this.


Try this in css:

.swiper-slide {
width: auto !important;

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hi @moe_hl thank you for answering. 😊  this kind of works, but I can’t seem to adjust the height of the carousel. they just crop from the bottom no matter where I put in a fixed height. Did you find out where in the css this is adjustable?