How to get a 100% score for Page Speed Optimization?

  • 5 August 2021
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Hi folks!

Hope everyone is somewhat doing ok with the on going eventualities. 

I recently joined the Elementor community and would like to hear from the experts on the subject of scoring a 100% in the Google Page Speed/Lighthouse.

Below is my website and I how can I really take this up a notch.


Currently its at  48 Performance | 90 Accessibility | 80 Best Practices | 97 SEO

Under performance,

First Contentful Paint - 2.2 s
Speed Index - 9.8 s
Largest Contentful Paint - 2.2 s
Time to Interactive - 14.7 s
Total Blocking Time - 4,560 ms
Cumulative Layout Shift - 0


Appreciate all the kind help and tips from you all.


Stay safe!

1 reply

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Hey There, 


Great work on the LCP and CLS! 


It looks like your biggest issue is server response time - I’ve run lighthouse on your site and it’s suggesting 3.11s can be saved here. 


If you haven’t already got one installed, a cache plugin like WP Rocket, or WP Super Cache will really help you out. 


Good luck!