How's your speed doing?

  • 21 July 2021
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How is your site speed doing now with the latest Elementor updates/Experiments?  We’ve seen a significant improvement, especially with newly built sites.  We use Digital Ocean (via Cloudways) hosting, Hello theme, WP Rocket (basic settings out of the box) and, on some sites with a global reach, Cloudflare CDN.

For image optimization we pre-prepare the images in Photoshop but then also use Imagify to create and automatically serve WebP images where possible.

We’re much more relaxed about mobile scores these days.  We know that the real measure is going to be Google “live data” as opposed to lab testing on, say, GTMetrix so we’re going to be monitoring that closely on Search Console.

Here’s a site we have on one of our developments servers, it was created using a Kit from the new Elementor Kit Library and is VERY image intensive.  Typically, with a site like this we would have struggled to get good results but, this one was pretty good right out of the box!

How are your sites looking?

1 reply

Same set up, Cloudways, WP Rocket and Imagify, to get a good score on PageSpeed Insights (90+) I need to load the fonts locally. Still some issues with the font awesome library and the animations but with a little fine tuning I get a nice score.