how i exclude this 2 JS files from combining

  • 1 October 2021
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hi there 

i use siteground and end up use the “ Combine JavaScript Files” function, (siteground optimizer tool) so turns out on some pages i use a FAQ from elementor pro and also the social share buttons, both end up not working after combined, i wonder which url i can add to EXCLUDE those 2 elements from getting combined over the siteground tool, i cant figure out which JS is responsible for those 2 .


could someone drop me the urls i have to exclude? 


you can find the FAQ and social share buttons here


oh and i got the same issue with the gallery on the bottom of this post


would need the right url for the JS there too 

1 reply

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Looks like you’ve already solved the issue, at least for the FAQs and social share buttons. Please let us know how you did it, so others in the community may benefit from it. You can then mark your response as best answer.

PS: unless you’ve purposely removed it, there’s no gallery at the end of Kat2 post.