Hey everyone need help with header colour adjustment on mobile

Im using airi theme. and adjusted all my site and header colors, although when i view my site from a mobile its light blue on 2 pages the other 2 pages are grey headers but light blue on the home b=page and about us. I cant for the life of me understand why?

our website is

like i said on the desktop view its good. only mobile. also when i view it in elementor editor it shows up as light blue header, which i cant change either.



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Looking at the CSS, that’s a problem with you theme, not Elementor. You should look in your theme settings see if there is a setting that changes the color of the header after a certain screen size.

If you can, I urge you to use Elementor Pro and Hello Theme instead of a premade theme. It will avoid strange behaviors like this one.

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can u just take screenshot and mark it

It won’t let me add a picture 

The blue up the top is the issue. i think its uploading now



I dont really want to have to start again with a new theme. there has been so much editing to get it to where its at now. its just the blue and size of the header is larger than i would like.

But if i could atleast get rid of the blue it would suffice for now.

Ive looked through all the setting i can think of but everything i have looked at, i dont have any blue colours anywhere

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Add this to your site-wide CSS. Hopefully that’s the only snippet you need.

@media (max-width: 1199px) { .site-header {
background-color: inherit;


This is the easiest (and maybe the only) solution, but note that it is prone to break if you ever have a theme update for whatever reason.

OMG you are a genius! this code actually worked!


thanks sooooo much!

Can I ask you one more thing? Is there a way to make the header size smaller? especially on mobile but I dont mind it its a bit smaller on my desktop view too.

It just takes up half the page on my phone (with a large screen) as you can see in the pic.

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Set a hamburger menu for mobile. This is standard.