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  • 7 September 2021
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I got a question. Is ist possible for the newest version of Elementor pro to reach the same Pagespeed as a HTML5/CSS Only Website? So for now I always reach a mobile Pagespeed between 40 and 50 but I’d like to have a rating between 80 and 95. my desktop speed is alway around the 90 mark but I’m never able to transfer that into mobile speed. For most of my Websites I use WP Rocket and Imagify. 


A Mobile Pagespeed around the 60 mark would also be a highly improvement.


Thanks for your support!

3 replies

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This Elementor tutorial might be of use to you. It certainly helped me! Still is!

It’s a whole series, so check them all out.

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@Dustin Besedes OMH Your mobile pagespeed.  I don’t know what part of the globe you’re in but, how are your 4G/5G speeds generally?  I ask because Google pagespeed for mobile emulates a throttled 3G data connection.  Here’s in the UK, 3G masts are being taken out of service and will be gone altogether by 2023. Another factor worth mentioning when talking about mobile speeds is that, again, here in the UK, 85% of mobile data traffic happens over Wi-Fi so actual results are not likely to be much different to desktop results.

What I’m trying to say is that the Google real-world data will reflect what your website visitors actually experience so, although it’s always good to get mobile speeds the best you can, you also need to be realistic.  Personally, if I can get mobile lab data to ~60 I’m happy and Google real-world data reflect they’re happy with it too. 

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Yes, is possible. All you need is to

  • use lightweight theme
  • defer some JS
  • use proper image size for mobile
  • use base64 image for above the fold