Elementor vs coding in WP block editor

  • 29 July 2021
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We have had an external agency critique our website for a client, and their main critique, even though they said it was a good site, was that we used Elementor instead of WP block editor. That Elementor “adds page weight and not much in terms of functionality”. They also said we rely too much on plugins, but in the new site design which has been running for about a year, we cut the number of plugins way down, and switched from Visual Composer (put in before our time) to Elementor.  They said most of the speed errors they got when running a speed test were due to Elementor, and that there were some usability issues with compliance errors.

We  are not developers, and our client is aware of this, and very happy with the website and our management of it. We worked with a developer to implement the original templates that we now work on in Elementor. We have been thrilled with Elementor, and we use this same agency who gave this critique as backup if an issue comes up with coding that we can’t handle. 

We know that having a developer code everything is of course optimal. But not every designer, or company, has one of those on staff or in their back pocket. We are curious as to the communities stance that Elementor slows down the site. Our client is supporting us on the use of Elementor, but we sure would like to come back to them with some other answers to this critique. The agency is trying to get some of the work from the client, so that may be where some of this is coming from. 

We welcome any feedback. The site is RichfieldLiving.com.

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