Elementor + Asset CleanUp - What can I disable?

  • 21 July 2021
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Hello mates. Noob here.

Just finished my first homepage ever.
I’m using the latest version of Elementor PRO with the Hello Elementor theme and also Autoptimize. I’m currently improving the performance of a client’s webpage. The desktop version is looking fine and dandy, but I struggle to get a good performance on mobile. Mainly because I’m loading tons of java script and css.

I recently installed Asset CleanUp and I’m getting a bit overwhelmed. I have no idea what to disable considering what I don’t use. I attach some screens.

This is what we absolutely don’t use:

  • Woocomerce / shop / or logins entirely
  • Blog
  • Social media
  • Default fonts (but we use Icons, from the icon library)

It’s a health service/informative homepage, in which the only direct interaction with the user is a form to fill to get a call later.
If you guys could identify what I don’t need, related to above,  it would be much appreciated :D
Kind regards.


4 replies


It would be really great to know that. Because we don’t want to break required scripts on the site that Elementor is using.

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Anything related to elementor core just leave it, else your website will break!!


Anything related to elementor core just leave it, else your website will break!!

So, how do we know Elementor core items? Is there any list for this?

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Please keep this in mind before unloading anything that Elementor has lots of dependencies which can potentially break your functionalities.

Elementor has lots of Dependencies chain and it can break functionalities 

You can use Chrome Dev tools - Coverage Report & request blocking feature to test whether it is good or bad idea to unload.

Here the tutorial I wrote and it is all about how to remove unused CSS from Elementor.