Does "Hide on Desktop" option affect SEO ranking of the page on Google

  • 3 August 2021
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This is one question I could not find answer to anywhere over the web. Recently started using Elementor. I want to put hashtags in a text box and I want to hide that text box on desktop and mobile. If I do so, will Google still pick up those hashtags for SEO ranking or will it ignore those hashtags? Please help. Thanks in advance.


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The best way to check is to hide the box and perform an inspect element on the preview site, if the element you’ve hidden doesn’t show up in the code when you inspect it, then Google (or anyone else, will be able to see it.

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Great question, I’m not sure either. If you inspect the code on mobile and desktop, are the hashtags in the code? If not, Google won’t see it. If so, the bot can see it, but I’m not sure what weighting Google would give to the content since it is visually hidden.

If it were me, I’d probably figure out how to show them visually somewhere on the page if they are important. Even if that means duplicating them at some other location and hiding/showing opposite from the original hashtags.

Schema markup could possibly be an option too, but I don’t think there is a hashtag schema (could be wrong).

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If you use the features in “Widgets > Advanced > Responsive” to hide items, those items are still in the source code and will be read by Google. The section will use the style “display:none;”

Content within it will be indexed -- here is a somewhat recent test of it:

I believe this is because Google is using mobile-first indexing and understands that some content might need to be hidden at some resolutions.

You need to be careful not to use this as an SEO trick as it runs far afoul of Google’s policies and can lead to a manual action. If you intend to hide it at all resolutions, I’d be wary of that.