CLS Issues

  • 9 September 2021
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I have two CLS issues for mobile only, and I think it has to do with my elementor post template (maybe poor design on my part).


The first is div.elementor-widget-wrap.elementor-element-populated.

The second is


This article uses the post template…


Any help would be appreciated!




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@Bobman22 I just analysed that post and CLS is in the green on desktop but red on mobile.  CLS issues are tough to nail.  One approach that’s worked for me is to hide each and every section in the post template using the advanced/responsive menu to hide on all devices.  Check your CLS, it should be zero (if not, you have a theme issue causing the problem).  Then re-enable section-by-section until your CLS breaks - then we can look at exactly how to re-create that section so that it behaves itself!  My guess though is that it’s that sidebar thing you have which is causing the problem?