Background image cuts off in height on different desktop size devices

  • 26 July 2021
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Hello everyone!

I’ve been having this issue for too long now and i’m finally ready to dig everywhere to solve it!


I usually develop elementor wesites on 13 inch laptop. I adjust a background image on the mentioned screen size with setting the size to cover and setting the padding until i can see the entire height of the image. 

However, as soon as we open the same page on a different desktop screen (larger), the image gets cut off at the bottom. 

Sometimes I fix this by just adding more padding, but in a lot of cases this is not a good practice because it zooms in the image on a smaller screen.


Does anyonen have a solution to this? Thanks!


This is an example of how the image is cut off from the bottom. 

1 reply

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What part is the background image? Is the block with the shadow part of the image too?