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Are you a performance optimization expert and would you like more customers? Let us help you!

  • 14 July 2021
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Are you a performance optimization expert and would you like more customers? Let us help you!
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Over the next few months, we are strongly increasing our efforts to help make your Elementor Experts network profile stand out, so more potential customers can find you.


And we’re starting with a very important group first; Performance Optimization Experts!

We’re looking for no more than 30 performance optimization experts to join a very exclusive program. In fact, only the first 50 people to fill in the form have a chance to get in. Before you do, there are some requirements to make sure you are the superstar we’re looking for:



  1. True love for speed and website optimization :heart_eyes:
  2. You must be available for this workshop: July 29th at 6:00 pm (GMT+3) Save the date!
  3. You have an expert subscription or above in order to create an Experts Network Profile.


  • We will invite you to a workshop to help you optimize your Performance Optimization Expert profile. Optimize the optimizer so to speak.
  • This will enable you to boost your Experts profile greatly.
  • Three people will be chosen to stand in an extra spotlight in a blog post on
  • The opportunity to interact directly with other Elementor community members in a pinned post on our Facebook group and hub. After this, 120.000 people or more may know your name.
  • For those who love numbers, we will of course track visits, leads and more to help you improve even more.

How to take part in this program? Pay close attention!

  1. Fill in the sign-up form (hint, some questions may or may not be a test)
  2. Please wait for us to process all applications and get back to you.


What we have in store for you

  • Building your Elementor Experts Network Portfolio, in a relatively short time.
  • A workshop to perfect your Elementor Experts Network Portfolio. We can’t wait to tell you the host.
  • Increase exposure to your experts' profile during Optimization Week for the entire week of August 8th.
  • Elementor Short link for you to use anywhere. Example:
  • You’ll be first in line to speak at future Elementor Optimization Meetups, if that is something you’re interested in of course.

Good to know

  • As mentioned above, the form has to be closed after 50 applications are submitted. 
  • Out of those 50, there is room for 30 people to join the program.
  • If you didn’t make the cut, that doesn’t you not an excellent expert.

4 replies

So, in other words, the goal is to take an expert an give him some more tips to be even better…

But what about those who are NOT expert? How can they become one if they don’t have access to this type of group/content?


I need to change Alternative Text for placeholder image in Elementor, May I know how to can do that. Cause my CEO tools give me notification about this image that does not have Alt text.

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Oops I think I missed the workshop. Can I know when do we have a similar workshop next?

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An awesome group.