Your face on by dropping a line or two - Please share your Hub testimonial

  • 10 June 2021
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Hey 👋



We’d love to get a quote from you about the Hub to show off on the relevant pages. 


The Hub is in it’s current beta is small right now, but we intend for it to surpass even our Facebook Community. So when we officially launch somewhere next month, we’d like your words to be there where it really matters.


✅ Please share a paragraph about the Hub. Why you like it, how it helps you, what problem it may solve for you.. basically anything you would say to a friend when you invite them over.

✅ Simply leave a comments below, thus allowing us to use the words you send us.

✅ Although where not sure yet if we’ll use photo’s as well, please add a link to an online profile just in case.


If you have any questions, @GabrielleR and me love to hear them!



4 replies

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The hub allows everyone to expand the discussion beyond Elementor, gives them an area they can get credible feedback and critical help on their concerns. All while ensuring this is a safe space for web creators. 

The hub is a great place to discuss and connect with Elementor users globally. Exploring and discovering the many ways our favorite page-builder is being used in different businesses all over the world is our favorite topic. Highly recommend to dive into this eco system. :sunglasses:

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I love to help Elementor users and share my knowledge. With the hub it is even easier to get the right answers, everything is clear, searchable and sorted so you can easily find answers or ask for help.

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When I hosted a Jakarta Meetup on last June, I brought the attendees for a virtual tour of the HUB. They were amazed what Elementor has done for the community. So, I think the HUB will be the community HQ (Headquarters) to share anything about Elementor for all the user who wants to learn, find solution and share experiences. Great job ^^