Please update your profile as soon as possible!

Please update your profile as soon as possible!
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Hi everyone,

Thanks to your feedback we realized we were missing some important fields. So we’ve added them:

  • First Name: mandatory moving forward
  • Last Name: mandatory moving forward
  • Experts Profile: add the link to your portfolio.
  • Your website: add the link to your primary website.

🚀 Easily update your profile here


Benefits of using your real name and profile picture

Besides the fact that it’s mandatory on the Elementor Hub, it has benefits for you:

  • It show who you really are and thus increases your credibility.
  • Let people know for what they may PM you for. Use the field “A bit about yourself”.
  • Using the link to your Experts Profile helps new customers find you! Find your personal URL here
  • Your primary website: adding your website here helps customers find you and is good for your SEO and traffic.
  • You earn a Badge, and who doesn’t love badges!
  • It helps us all to 'be real'.

Any questions? Please ask!

Ps. After you’ve updated your profile, it may take a few days before your real name is displayed.

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Profile Updated yesterday and now i’ll wait “be real” badge :) 


I just got around this, glad I did it and looking forward to help anyone I can!


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Done :)


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Apparently I need my post changed from a question. 


Hi @Mellygurl welcome to our tribe.
Try to ask to some moderator to change your post from question :) 

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Hi, I just created my profile, but didn’t realize I have to use my real first and last name. Is there a way to change this?

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Aweome! Just updated my profile 🙂.

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Awesome!!! Have updated the full profile with all the information, now waiting for all the badges to be received.
And just like you said, Who doesn't love badges!!!


I am new to this forum and am stuck right here at the front door! I followed instructions EXACTLY. Only to find out later that my USER NAME  “MiGato” is unacceptable on this forum- at cost of being eliminated! Whoa! I’ve been warned!!!

So I immediately went back to my profile to change it but found NO WAY to do so! Probing the forum to find an answer, what I found was a number of other people who are with the same problem. 

Someone needs to contact whomever is in charge here and let them know that if they want us to use our real name- in that field called “user name” to TELL US UP FRONT!!! To tell us after the fact- and not give a way to remediate, under threat of getting kicked off this forum IS NO WELCOME AT ALL!!!!!

Who is running this show?

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Am I the only one who gets excited after updating their Profile?