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  • 29 July 2021
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Hi everyone! My name is Walter.
I am a physician and just launched a startup. I don't have many skills with elementor but have done a basic site, so far.

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Hello sena_walter,
you are welcome, to this community and keep in touch, Please post more details about you would love to know more about you. Like you are individual or company. How long you have been working and what is your key skills, who you think this community can help you ?  I am a webdeveloper and Marketing strategist,  Have been developing webistes for 10+years, I foucs on creating quick and quality websites, Elementor has just helped me to achieve it. community supports you with finest answers that you can get.

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Hello, I opened your site on iPhone 8, and I wanted to take memory tests.  After pressing the button, pass the test (Numeric, Spatial - memory), 1. the test page is not adaptive 2. The text is not translated into Russian by Google (everything is in order on the main page).  3. Nothing happens.

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Thank you so much for the replies.


I am the CEO of this startup, yet to be a real companty worldwide. But so far, we are a Brazilian company designing our product, which is a battery of neurocognitive tests used for Neurocognitive Disorders (once called Dementias).


As  with any CEO of a startup without much funds, I am working at almost every areas, excpet the web app development and the tests coding. So, I make the tests prototypes and the CTO code them. As for the website, I am using Elementor PRO, because I found it easier to be managed for small additions in the future, whithout getting dependent on a designer.


For now I need help improving the site since my learning curve is delaying the delivery. Help with some practical features, like configuring headers with menus and making it more responsive for mobile are very much appreciated.


As for the tests, they are designed to be used with a computer, because it's not possible to standardize the answers with other devices. That is so because each millisecond counts for the results, and the keyboard is the only mean for such accuracy. In addition, size of the screen is esscencial, given that some tests have visual exploration that dependes on a wider angle view.


I welcome anyone who would like to make any suggestions or even help in return for a small pay.
Let's talk!


Best regards,
Walter Sena

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Good afternoon,!  I carefully read your message, in the end I got an understanding of how it works.  I'll be honest with you, (I'm not a professional in building a website), I also have my own startup, only I have no money left at all, I work on enthusiasm.  I respect people who do something significant for society.  Regarding your site, my opinion is that you need to split your site into two DIFFERENT parts.  For a computer, focus only on functionality - it can be tables, tests, feedback, do not focus on design for a computer, SIMPLICITY and CORRECT WORK.  For the phone, you should work on the information content, and a more beautiful view, but do not make the functionality (do not show tests on the mobile version of the site), make a convenient chat with quick support (and then only when there are many visitors to your site, precisely from the phone)  ...  If you need a design for a phone, here you need more detailed information about your project, and a copy of the site in All in one WP Migration ...  if you agree to cooperate with me, I will not work alone, I have a friend who is much better in design than me, but I understand more how the project should look and work correctly).  If My answer helped you, I will be very happy.  If you have any questions, I will answer them.  Best regards, Roman from Russia.  (you can write private messages if you need it)

I am  Parmasivan P N belong to Tamil Nadu, India. American clients call me  Para, whereas North Indians call me  Param. My date of birth is September 1967 whereas in all my certificates it is as April (fool)


I completed my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 1985 through the Sankar Institute of Polytechnic. At that time it was being conducted by India Cements.


I worked in the Mechanical Design Department of Easun Reyrolle Relays and Devices in Hosur from Apr 1987 to Nov 1988.  Then I moved to Axis Computers (India) Pvt. Ltd. in Noida Export Processing Zone as Assistant Engineer CAD / CAM.


Computers were new to India at that time. Even the companies were not afforded to buy the computers. We were providing CAD / CAM solutions for Caterpillar Plants in the USA, Belgium, and Brazil.


Then I joined SRP Tools Ltd, manufacturers of gear cutting tools and broaches, as Assistant Engineer (Sales). I computerized the Sales Department. I was checking the quotations prepared by 2 persons and was releasing the production orders prepared by 2 persons.


In 2012 I entered into IT field and started learning Web Design and Programming.


My grandmother passed away in 1998, my father Narayanan Pillai passed away in 2008, and my mother N.Shenbagavalli passed away in 2020.


I am with my sister Peratchi Selvi and her daughter N.Kasthuri, who is studying 11th Standard Computer Science as on started writing this book.


My elder sister Valliammai and her husband T.Paramasivam live upstairs.

Any suggesttions for the book cover design?



Version 2 - any suggestion for improvements?


Chapter 1 - HTML

Chapter 2 – CSS

Chapter 3 – JavaScript

Chapter 4 – Java

Chapter 5 – PHP

Chapter 6 – MySQL

Chapter 7 – WordPress

Chapter 8 – Oracle

Chapter 9 – MongoDB

Chapter 10 – Ajax

Chapter 11 – JSON

Chapter 12 – AI

Chapter 13 – Cloud Computing

Chapter 14 – IOS App

Chapter 15 – Android App

Chapter 16 – jQuery

Chapter 17 – AngularJS

Chapter 18 - React

Chapter 18 – ReactJS

Chapter 19 – Node.js

Chapter 20 – Vue.js

Chapter 21 – Spring Boot

Chapter 22 – Kubernetes

Chapter 23 – Python

Chapter 24 – ASP.NET

Chapter 25 – Ruby

Chapter 26 – Ruby on Rails

Chapter 27 - p5.js