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  • 1 October 2021
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Hi, I am a new Elementor User. Please find my intro below.


My site is Https://

I am based in Brisbane Australia and just establishing myself in Web Design. I have created a number of sites to build my resume. I thought Elementor could help design more dynamic professional websites.

My target market is Small Business startups.

Here are links to the sites I have built:

My clients are happy with these basic sites; but I would like to improve my skills. That’s why I updated to Elementor.

As I improve with Elementor and other skills, such as SEO,  I would like to improve these sites as a thank you for them trusting me with their sites.

But I cant risk things going wrong as with my menu issue. And not being able to fix it in a reasonable timeframe.

Also I have been working through the Elementor tutorials. But I don’t have some of the options/features they use in the videos. Not sure why. I only purchased Elementor two days ago.


Thank you and I look forward to being a part of the Elementor community and growing my network.

My issue post is outlined below.


Hi, I am a new Elementor user. I am using Intensity Pro Theme.

I updated 1 of my pages using Elementor. Our Services page. Deleted the old “Our Services” page and then updated the menu.

Now the default menu  that was working fine. Has changed.

It was showing posts under the menu name (category) “Small Business Operation” with relevant posts in drop down. I cant restore these items to Header menu.

They are showing in the Footer “Quick links” but I cant restore them to the main Header menu.

It looks unprofessional without that addition in the menu.

Can anyone offer assistance.

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