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  • 13 September 2021
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I am Winnie and I started web designing in my ….middle  years (50). Not as a career, but because we needed a website and had no money to get somebody else to do it...So, I had to learn. 

I am currently using Wordpress with Astra theme and free Elementor as site builder.  (I have tried about five other options...). 

You can go and check out our website (and the homepage that should have been completely different by now, but was not saved by Elementor - hence my being here...) https://fynemists.co.za

I constantly need advise - usually Google can help, but sometimes I need the professionals if the query is not being addressed somewhere else.  So, I thank you all in advance for your assistance.

Thanks for allowing me in.

Kind regards



3 replies

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Welcome, Winnie!

Thank you Simon. Looking forward to learning!

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Welcome, Winnie! And good job jumping in and making your own site! :clap_tone3::clap_tone3::clap_tone3: