Hi All!

I am a newbie to modern website creation. I designed and created websites way back in the HTML days but the progression into Wordpress and other programming languages has me way behind technology. I commissioned three different developers to,at different times, to build a website named “carolsattic.com” and all three of them took money and left me without a working site.

First was from FIVERR, second was by Alidropship and the last was from a developer using the name MPIRIC Janak Patel).

Well, lessons learned, too much time wasted, too much money down the drain so I decided to create a new site, dawgsandkatz.com using WP. I also intend to try to repair carols attic.

I found Elementor installed in the attic site and am no wanting some sort of pop up form for dawgsandkatz, among many other capabilities.

So I will need help along the way and I will share experiences if and when I can.

John Michaud (jmich18)

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