Hello Elementor Community =D

  • 1 October 2021
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I've been building WordPress solutions since 2010, and I've been "married" to Elementor since 2017.

I finally got access to Experts, and it will be fantastic to join the community of this tool that has transformed my life and thousands of developers and billions of customer clients.

I have more than 450 websites built using WordPress, which includes around 200 websites built with Elementor.

Since 2017 I have recorded all my jobs, and I love speed art and sprints/flow jobs! Is it possible to share some videos?

I'm launching my WordPress course platform in Brazil and Latin America (2022), and I'm excited to be here!

Greetings :heart_eyes:

That's my company website - tntmidia.com.br

And that's our school of WordPress - wpraiz.com.br (not launched)

3 replies

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Welcome, @joseicaro_wpraiz!

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Welcome, @joseicaro_wpraiz!

Good job Simon! Let's Go!

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  I would like to know if it would be possible or if there is any place in the community for speed arts posts (in this case it's a timelapse of mine from a project I made the site in 1h20 and compressed the result into 12 minutes).

  Please don't understand how Spam, I've been saving my work since 2017 and I dream of meeting people who do the same thing too. Thanks

@Simon Latham 

@Verdi Heinz