• 20 August 2021
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Hello to the Elementor community.  I am Annie, a retired 71 years old belgian lady.  I am not very familiar with coding and web building although I managed to create a site for the purpose of my association  activities (raising funds for humanitarian help for malian displaced people).  I am glad to be part of this community and I’ll try to bring my contribution but sincerelly I will probably be more asking for help than  helping myself to solve problems.  My site is “https://www.projet-dakawomina.naniepat.be”.  Any comment, remark, correction will be more than welcome.  Thank you in advance.  Naniepat (Nanie is the name given to me by my grand-children)

7 replies

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You are welcome, let us know if you need any help

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Hello Annie! Very nice to hear from you.

I have lived in Wallonia for 6 months. Maybe we can relate on some things! I went there for my college internship.

Also you might want to check your site. Looks like your SSL certificate busted. I am unable to access your website in http too, unfortunately. =(

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Great to have you.

Hope we can all help.

Hello Helène Desaulniers, where about were you in Wallonia? 

I really do not understand what the problem may be, I already reported that issue to WordPress.  Try with the following link: https://naniepat.be/projet-dakawomina/.

By the way, the video is now appearing! 

Nice to read you.  Annie


Thank you James Eddy and Imran Siddiq for your help proposal.


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Ah. I can see it now. The URL you gave earlier wasn’t correct.

And I lived in Ham-sur-Heure but worked in Brussels a fair bit. ^^

That’s a pretty nice website too! I find it much more agreeable to navigate than most. Good job!

Hello Hélène,

Bonjour, Merci pour ce message encourageant.  Mon site 100% “Artisanal Home Made” est certainement perfectible. 

J’ai regarder le site “Full of Good”.  Il est très bien fait.  De plus, il m’a fait découvrir un produit intéressant près de chez moi!.

Bonne continuation et peut-être à plus tard pour des conseils et suggestions.

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Hey Nani. I didn’t make their site. I made part of their graphic design back when I was in college and they were rebranding 4-5 years ago. I don’t only make websites. =)

And you too! Bonne continuation!