• 19 July 2021
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Elementor noob... for now. https://www.apexcoding.com/

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Hi, I’ve been using and promoting Elementor for several years now, though my work has been limited. I want to expand and take better advantage of all its features. My publishing website is: https://www.soulattitudepress.com and I have several other sites I run as well.

Hey, I thought your website name looked familiar. Visited your site and saw you’re a Godaddy Pro member like myself. Must have seen you post over there at some point. 


Yes, I was at one point, because I paid for an ssl certificate. Once I realized I could get them for free, I didn’t renew. But I do use their ManageWP and like that product.

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Hope you’re doing okay with Elementor  :)


If you need some videos on getting the most of EL Pro: Web Squadron - YouTube