Greetings from Denmark 🇩🇰

  • 28 July 2021
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Hey everyone! 👋

Mikkel here. So pleased to meet you all, and seeing how others go about designing pages in creative ways with Elementor. I am awestruck by the creativity - it’s great motivation! 🏃‍♂️

I am 29 y/o and spent most of my working life managing restaurants, and I really thought that was going to be my career path. But I also had this thing on the side, where I dabbled in websites. And electronic music. Just a lot of creative stuff, really. I think I really just am a creative at heart, and I was not living my best life in that regard.

I finally decided I was not going to live my life like that, even though I had a comfy life and a good, stable income. I left the restaurant business and started my own web design company.

I was honestly so scared.  How the f**k does anyone start a company AND pay rent? Do ya’ll actually save up money?

Anyways, I leverage my network within the restaurant business to find customers. It was great at first, but not sustainable. I was simply too afraid to charge people enough money for my work, and I didn’t really have people sign real contracts. You probably know what that means. 

This part right here is just me rambling about my life story, you don’t really need to read it. It got a bit longer than anticipated. 💁‍♀️

Right, so I ended up crying on my floor just out of pure stress. I talked to my doctor, and that send me down a long path of discovering things about myself. It turns out I have ADHD (ADD I think most people call my case). And yes, I got a diagnosis from a real psychiatrist. 

Basically that means I realized that all these years, all the hardship I had felt throughout college and just adult life after that, was not really normal. It was honestly sort of a relief, knowing that I was not just really bad at being an adult. 

I decided to accept my moms offer of moving back home for a while. I feel so lucky that I had this opportunity to just all of my responsibilities and have time to figure life all over again. Moms are the best.

So yeah. All is good now. I know how to leverage my non-neurotypical brain at this point. 🦸🏼‍♂️

I guess you just have to learn that stuff the hard way, right? Getting actual contracts in place, that are meant to protect YOU. To set boundaries and rules for the work. And then charge the money you are actually worth - and trust me you are worth a lot more than you think. Your websites are likely money generating assets for your clients, and you spent so much time learning to create them. They didn’t. Double your hourly rate, right now 💸

My business is doing better than ever. I moved into an office with four girls, who do similar stuff. They also use Elementor. I am building a course called WordPress for Entrepreneurs, where I teach new entrepreneurs how to be their own web designers with Elementor and building their business online. It’s really exciting, and I just love the way Elementor is evolving right now, together with its community. 

Phew. That got a bit long and off track, and I apologize for that. But then again, it’s not really like these are getting all that much attention. Idk. Say hi if you read all of this! 💞


1 reply

Hi Mikkel

I’ve read your post, and I really feel you. I struggled with similar issues: burnout, depression, moving back to my dad for awhile back in the day and mainly dealing with cashflow because I too was both charging way too low and I was taking every offer.

It also seems that, just like you, that crisis drove me to find new ways to understand my worth (i.e. imposter syndrome), my niche and how to manage my time and how to charge properly.

Looks like you have the drive, the passion and the talent - and best of all, you want to help others and share your knowledge. And this sounds awesome. Looking forward for you WordPress for Entrepreneurs course or any material you’ll come up with. I know these things take vast amount of energy and effort, so best of luck in that endeavor.