Good Environment Here - NOT a FacePlant 👏✔👍

  • 25 May 2021
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Hello all, this “Community” environment looks good! I started off confused with the email saying “Join the Hub”. LOL. Glad to see a business using a PROPER community environment instead of trying to use Facebook, which ends up  making a ‘FacePlant’ out of their community effort.

Nice job Elementor!

4 replies

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Welcome Doug! ;)

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Hello @Doug Ster 
Welcome to new Elementor Community

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Welcome to the “hub, forum, community” Doug lol

As a mod, for me so far it is very refreshing not having to shut down tons of conversations.

However, the FB group is not going anywhere (yet) but I believe the hope is that this will become the go to place instead of the FB group.

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“Glad to see” “a proper” “community environment” “instead of Facebook”

I agree, “Nice job Elementor!”