UI issue - quote post - see animated example

  • 26 May 2021
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I see a post, and want to quote it. So, I point my mouse down to go to “quote. However, as soon as the pointer hovers on “you and 1 other person like this” a pop-up appears that is in the way. Suggested solution: put the hover action on the avatars on the left.


1 reply

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Hi @Anne-Mieke Bovelett 

This is the same action I do every time to quote a post and I like your suggestion.
What you pointed out is a "problem" specific to the https://www.insided.com/ platform used for Elementor Community (i also sent some problems to @Verdi Heinz →

) and I don't know how customizable it can be.
It was reasons like these that led me to get involved in creating (really i’ve only followed the project and i test UX-UI it) a Community Service that was truly customizable.
I don't say this to promote it but just to share one of the reasons why I was thinking about creating something alternative that could really meet the needs of each customer and that could not only create gamification but also reward users themselves not only with badges but also with a rewards program etc etc (but here I stop because it may seem that I really do promotion and I assure you that is my last intention)