News & updates room: only posts from Elementor crew/mods (like the Product updates room)

  • 29 July 2021
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Hi! Is it an idea for the News & Updates room to function the same way the Product updates room does? Where only post from the Elementor crew/mods are published.

Now everyone can post in the News & updates room which makes it a bit of a mess in my opinion. There are a lot of posts which (I think) have a higher chance of getting answered in the other (designated) rooms. My assumtion is that not a lot of people look in the News & Updates room to help other people & only seek news/updates. A lot of post/questions are out of context based on the subject of the room.

A News & Updates room with only posts from the Elementor crew/mods (like the Product updates room) would be more clearer and less chaotic.

This way we have 1 place to quickly read the latest of the latest (and the most important news when necessary).

2 replies

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I agree @Sharon Vos . I’m new here and having a look around and there are posts asking for help everywhere. In the “News and Updates” and even “Read these important messages first”. It’s not clear to me yet where a post should go that is asking for help?

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Thanks for the suggestion @Sharon Vos - yes I am afraid a lot of the rooms have the wrong post types in them and this is mainly down to people not realising when they create a new post they to also have to pick a room. I am working my way through things a little each day to try and sort that out, for instance, today I am going through this “Hub Feedback” room because there are absolutely loads of questions in here meant for other areas.

Gradually it will get better :)