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  • 23 April 2021
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  • In testing with @Verdi Heinz noticed that moderators can change the passwords of other moderators and administrators in the back end (control)!
  • If a moderator edits a post there is no indication or notification that the post has been edited.  Ideally you would want a flag of “Modified by ...” and a reason for edit.
  • SSO appears not to be working correctly when accessing ‘control’.  Requires user password to be changed in ‘control’ then it will work.
  • Password reset on backend login form doesn’t appear to send email.
  • Logging in to requires logging-in every time browser is closed and reopened.  Needs a persistent cookie?
  • Unable to see a way to jump from a post in the form to the same post in ‘control’?

3 replies

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And adding to Nigel’s list - Moderators should have a “moderator” badge or title or similar as this effects authority within the forum.


Note I have added “Forum Moderator” into my signature for the time being.

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@NigelH How did you manage to login to control if it doesn’t let you reset your password?

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@Ankush Mittal I think Verdi helped Nigel do that earlier this morning so that then he could take over and do it for us :)