Elementor Questionable Business Practices

  • 22 July 2021
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First off...I love Elementor.  Its a great piece of software and I hope it does well.

That being said, Elementor, you have started down a road you do not want to go.  You have been ignoring all your premium support requests in an effort to funnel and force people to sign up to your VIP support services.

You do not admit this but it is very apparent in the fact that…

  1. Premium Support tickets go days and days with no answer
  2. There are tons of complaints all over the forums about this very thing

We understand when there are delays due to people being sick etc.  Ignoring all premium support in order to force everyone to pay more for help is absolutely unacceptable.

This is a trend I have been seeing a lot lately.  Easy Digital Downloads, BuddyBoss they all have been doing this lately, they ignore support requests that do not come from their VIP services. 

Its a scam and the community should not allow this to continue. 

Elementor staff, I have personally submitted a tickets that have gone completely ignored.  If I do not see a response, I will be pursuing this by other means.  I will not be conned into your VIP service.


Kind regards,

Elementor User and Fan


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