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On the login popup stands above "Login with Elementor” in smaller letters “social login.”
I find this very confusing, I would expect here to be able to log in with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.


Best answer by Marco 3 May 2021, 17:28

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I Think that, now,  in this Elementor Community is not need to have nay other SSO options.
The Elementor Login is the only access needed.
In the future, establishing the community rules, could be added others SSO for others socials but in this moment it’s ok what done.
Personally i’d like to have, in forum, only elementor users and not a mixed community so, also if will be added others SSO, will be neede to certify that are really Elementor’s users.

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Hey @humberto 
As ​​​@Barretta mentioned the SSO with Elementor account it’s one of our ways to guarantee we will have only Elementor users, it's not a 100% guarantee but it’s set a barrier. 

We know a lot of people want to have the SSO with google or Facebook but still believe that if a user really wants to be a part of this community he\she will open an Elementor account.



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I didn’t want a login via google, fb etc.

I just wanted to mention, that the text above Login with Elementor is confusing. There is social login written, which I find not right set. Just login with Elementor could be enough.

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Maybe it's possible to change the "social login” in “Elementor Login” to get no confusion about the option?

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+1 to Marco

I think changing the text will help the users to understand what they are doing when then popup shows up.