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  • 14 June 2021
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Not sure how others feel, but for an app that is super user-friendly, this forum is very confusing!

I’ve been using forums for years and the navigation here could use a little work. Little things like having the “Create Post” in the far upper right, away from where you’re reading the forum takes time to even locate. And having to click the Community drop-down to see the full list of forums is also a bit unusual. You would also think clicking the “Community” breadcrumb would bring you to that same list, but it doesn’t, making you feel lost within the structure.

I can get used to this over time, but am I alone in feeling confused? Just think that an app that’s so user-friendly without even having to think about the structure needs a support forum that reflects that friendliness.

5 replies

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Hi and welcome to the community. Thanks for the feedback, very useful as we are still in beta :)

Hi all,

I have to agree with Christopher. Having used phpBB, kunena and other boards, this is like wading through treacle. Add to that the PM that asks you to use your real name, yet having signed up first and not being able to edit your nickname just adds to that confusion.

Let’s hope things improve as you gather feedback.

Cheers for now


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Hey @Christopher Maselli  can we jump on a quick zoom call? i would love to hear more if that ok.

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Hey @Christopher Maselli  can we jump on a quick zoom call? i would love to hear more if that ok.

Of course!

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I completely agree @Christopher Maselli  … I shared a bunch of similar feedback a while ago: