Why badges?Is that not like being back at school?

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solved! :)

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Well why not? It is a way for new people to know which members are helpful, etc.

Sure. Displaying who is helpful is helpful… displaying badges is another way to encourage that ‘achiever’ culture, I don’t think it’s very healthy.

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Well as the hub is in beta, lots of things may change in the future as they see what works and what doesn’t :)

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I think badges are very important for regular Elementor users when asking a question or trying to find a fix.  One of the issues we have with Facebook Groups is that there is no way of telling if the answer your given has any “authority” and we see a lot of very bad advice - in some cases dangerous advice.  I’m not saying the badges we have no are the right ones but, this is Beta as @Susan Hope says and so there will be some learning yet to happen.  I’m sure that once the forum is open to the wider audience, many of these factors will be refined.

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I really like the idea of the Badges. I'm 31, so I’ve remembered the good old days when forums where a thing. Badges are nice to have, it’s a nice detail. I don't see a bad thing of having “goals” or “recognitions”. As well in this case are going to serve as a “validation” when a user posts a question, or we give an advice, solution or whatever. 

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Hi @Dids I too like the badges but of course you’re completely free to ignore them :-) 

Ps. please update your profile to display your full name and profile picture. This will become the default, we’re just not there yet technically.

@maurocarrera You are abs. correct in stating that it’s not a bad thing to having goals/recognition. I do. My point is that badges encourage that ‘best of class’ mentality while people who ‘struggle’ are left behind.


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As someone that has been in the community building/engagement field for decades badges can really help build community and engagement. They have been around, popular, and useful since the early days of forums. Please keep and consider expanding them

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I am a huge Cheech and Chong fan
When I saw Badges here the first thing that popped into my mind was 
Taken from a skit where Cheech says

‘ Badges….?  We don’t need no stinking badges…! ‘