What is the best method to add multiple products to a website

  • 6 December 2021
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Hi all,

I’m looking for the best method to add products to a website, what I’m trying to achieve is a main image with a row of smaller images (4 in total) below the main image, the main image being the lightbox when users select one of the smaller images. Not much text would accompany the product however I was not sure whether to create each product as a single post page template in Elementor or if there’s a better way of achieving this aim. In total there will be around 35 products each with 4 images.

Any advice for this newbi would be greatly appreciated.



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2 replies

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@Dave Coggon Have you found your answer yet? If so, please share it here so we can mark your answer as the best one and help others who may have a similar question, thanks :)


If you still need help, perhaps this tutorial will help you:​​​​​​​


I completetly forgot about WooCommerce, so thanks for the reminder. I can now create the template as per the URL you kindly referred me too with just the images (as this is all we need in the first instance).