Video not playing on mobile phone

  • 29 September 2021
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Hello, I am using Elementor through WordPress and I ran into an issue. In one of the pages for my website I posted a video which is in mp4 format. The video plays perfectly fine on a desktop but when I play it on a phone the video appears as a black rectangle with a grey play button on the center and a grey slash on top of that play button. I tried deleting the video and uploading it again, but to no success. I have already turned the video settings to “play on mobile” and nothing happens. Does anyone have a solution or possible solution for this issue. Thank you.

5 replies

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Hey there,
I'd recommend you upload the video on platforms like Youtube or Vimeo and use their link (You can always make it private if need be). Not only it will look better (than default HTML Player), but it will also save your server resources. 🙂


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I agree with @Abhinav Jain, loading a video onto YouTube or Vimeo usually has better results than trying to pull it from your own server...but also I have heard of issues with videos playing on mobile when using cache and/or CDNs (like Cloudflare).  Any chance you are using a service/plugin like this...if it is a plugin, try turning off some optimization settings to see if you have better results?

Also, is the video set for autoplay?  Not a recommended practice for mobile devices because it can lead to eating up user’s data to make the video something they have to click to view (if that is not already the case in your situation).

Hope some of this helps!

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@William Burgess 

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I was able to solve this issue by turning off low power mode on my iPhone. It could be an issue where the video is prevented from playing since it used more phone ram or battery 


I cannot get my background video playing on the mobile as well as the tablet. The video is uploaded into my WordPress website media library. And I cannot find sensible advice what needs to be done to get it to work.