Turn a page Template into a Page?

  • 13 January 2022
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Just started with Elementor and I think I did something wrong. I receive the following error on multiple pages

The Post Content Widget was not found in your template. You must include the Post Content Widget in your template (Single Page), in order for Elementor to work on this page.


When I add in the Post Content Widget, it pulls my home page layout & details into the page template I am working on. 


I believe I have 2 problems here. 1) I am using templates as pages and that's not how that works (Apparently). 2) My home page is saved as a Post Content somehow.

Please help, can provide more information as discussion happens!


Thank you in advance!!

5 replies

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I believe it would be more productive if you recorded a video so we can understand better.

You can you this tool.

It's possible?

@Robertson Vendramin Here is something I recorded this am. Apologies if its long but maybe this is helpful? Hope to understand better what is going on or what I am doing to not run into issues. Thank you.

Update: After I switched the “Template Type” on wordpress, ridding of the warning sign, to edit the page it said I have to edit the template & took me to a different page to do so.


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First I will explain to you the differences between the page templates:

- Elementor Canvas -> blank canvas, brings nothing dynamically
- Elementor Full Width -> Brings the header and footer (if defined previously)

I understand the confusion that is happening and I will suggest a step by step you should do to get it solved.

First, create a HOME with the Elementor CANVAS template. You can create from scratch or get sections from some repository.

Once the HOME has been published, through the Theme Builder, create a header. In that header, copy and paste the header you made in home.

Again, through the Theme Builder, create a footer. In this footer, copy and paste the footer you made in home.

Go back to HOME and change the Elementor Canvas template to Elementor Full Width.

You will notice that the header and footer are duplicated, as one of them was dynamically pulled. Just delete and publish.

Now that you have a header and footer pattern you can start building other pages like single post, single page, archive, 404, etc.

Did I mamaged to help you?

Okay great, I will work through the Home page now and see! Thank you, update later. 


For the single page issues, what’s a step to transfer that from the template that I have it on to an actual page? Is it possible to copy/duplicate sections and place them on a new (actual) page? if I can’t transfer it all directly to a page. 

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Yes, you can copy and paste sections from one tab to another, for example.

Be sure to click on the blue tab in the center of the section when doing this.