Theme updates and Child Theme vs Elementor Canvas in Hello

  • 17 November 2021
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Hello all. This is my first question here.


Firstly I am new to web design although I am a techie. I have spent a fair amount of time playing around with local wordpress websites using various tools and decided to purchase Elementor Pro. I have been watching various YT guides on site design using Elementor free and pro versions.


Two of the guys I have watched a lot of come at design from different angles. One takes a theme and modifies it and makes a huge point of “must” use a child theme to protect theme updates from changing your site design. The other takes the approach of using the Hello theme explaining that basically he is using the Hello theme as a bare bones theme that is designed to work the best with Elementor but then uses the “canvas” option and applies templates etc. I am leaning towards this way of web design.


My question is that if I take the canvas/template approach is there still a risk that a Hello theme update could change anything at some point in the future therefore it would still be best practice to create a child theme?



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@Lee Hooper Can I ask you a question first, will you want to create headers and footers that should display on all or most of your sites pages? If so, then you will not want to use “Canvas” because that template (layout) is made so that it does NOT show any headers and footers (good perhaps for sales pages).


If you won’t be making any coding changes then you can use Hello theme without the need for a child theme. There are lots of places within E-Pro editor to put extra CSS etc should you need it. The child theme would be needed if you make substantial coding changes, without the child theme then when Hello updates you would lose any you had put in the CSS for the Hello theme itself. Hello theme updates are not going to effect any templates that you make. I hope that helps some.

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Hi Susan. Many thanks for taking the time to reply.  After experimenting with various ideas I chose not to use the Canvas option after deciding I did want Headers and Footers. I downloaded the Hello Child theme from Github and have used it to add some custom code. I probably could have done it with custom css entries or code snippets as well from what I have read about but the settings I wanted changed were site wide so the child theme made that happen in a single place.


A few observations generally about Elementor that I have come up against that I don’t know are known bugs or whether a new user problem. Exporting/Migrating the templates from my local site to the live site didn’t quite go as planned. Some of the styling/sizing came across but others bits didn’t look like they applied. Wasn’t a big deal a quick settings change on the new site then update bought all the changes back. It sort of negated the use of using a template if I had to redo 50% of the template settings. I did make sure I had disabled the inherited settings in the Dashboard Elementor settings. 

Something else that threw me was where templates are stored. I created a custom Site Maintenance template that when imported is found under Saved Templates but when I imported the header and footer templates I couldn’t find them until I realised they were stored under Theme Builder which now I know is fine but it really isn’t very intuitive not to find templates under templates or maybe that is just me?


Anyway thanks for your thoughts.

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@Lee Hooper I am glad you got it all sorted. I can’t comment on the transfer from local because I don’t do it that way, I build live on client domain or on my own demo domain and use maintenance notice to hide what I am up to :)


Yes when I first started using Elementor the templates location was confusing to me too but now I just think of templates as sections or templates that can be used over and over and anywhere and they don’t have conditions and then the things in Theme Builder as the site parts, e.g. header, footer, single post, archive, all things that make up a WP site.