text squashed to the left till i scroll down

Can someone help me?

The title text and columns below on my home page goes all to the left until you scroll down, then it sits back where it should be - in the centre of the page.

Its not even spaced out when it goes to the left, its all on-top of each other.


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Can you provide a link?  Or a screenshot?


Should be like this….

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It looks like one of your columns is too narrow.  What does it look like in the editor?

Both the images are from the home page, its just the image behind that changes.

When you first go onto the home page, all the top text is squashed to the left, and as soon as you start to scroll down, the text then jumps to the centre (pic 1) which is where it should be.

Thanks for your help by the way.

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Check your column widths 


Thanks for that. I havnt got pro, so went to the site settings and adjusted it, but it doesn't make any different, it still moves everything to the left when I scroll to the top …. AHHHH… annoying.

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Is this an Elementor site?  If so you don’t need Pro to modify column widths in the Editor.  You can even drag the columns with the handle:



It’s really weird, as the columns are perfect. Its just when the page is displayed immediately when you go onto the site. The minute you scroll down, all the text / columns go back to where they should be. You literally just have to scroll down by a millimetre before they jump to where they should be, but obviously when someone looks at the site for the first time without scrolling, all the texts appears to be on top of each other and right over to the left.

Think I’ve worked it out…


Its section - Overflow - Hidden on….

Yeeeeeeeeesssssss… It works

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Hi Nathan,


Unfortunately I didn't.