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  • 13 January 2022
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Hey all, I’m guessing this is in the template setting but I can’t find it. I add a test box and there’s several lines of padding at the bottom, any help will be greatly appreciated!

9 replies

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Hi David!

Do you mind sharing the URL you are experiencing this issue from so we can find out what happened?

My ISP( has different template. One being classic and one being Elementor. I’m building a site using an Elementor template therefore I don't think you can see the page while in development. Here’s the url -

Here’s a screen shot after I drag the Text Editor in a section.

Heres another screen shot…….this is very frustrating. I’m new to Elementor and don’t understand why this is happening.

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I assume it's some property that was set from the global options.

Try adjusting that paragraph spacing slider to see if it works


Let me know if it works!

WOW, that fixed it……'re a genius!

Here’s my issue.

I create a section, then add a text editor field, then add the verbiage “EMAIL ME”. I highlight the verbiage then click the Insert/edit link icon. I add my email address and click the Apply arrow. The verbiage then drops to maybe 1px which is not legible. I cannot increase the font size.

Attached is a video of what I’m doing. 

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I understand what happens.

And you're going to fix this in the same place you fixed the problem before, but instead of moving the paragraph slider, you're going to adjust the typography of the links, just below.

GREAT!!! thanks a million. Not sure why the default would be set to 1.