redundant menu items

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I create the main and sub-menus, but unnecessary elements (1 and 2) appear to me how to remove it. Please help.


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@Tadeusz Is there a URL that you can share so check the issue?

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Unfortunately, I have this project on localhost. But I can share on a remote desktop. If you could help me.

take a screen recording or screenshots please

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Hi, I had a quick look. Which theme have you selected as a base theme? If you select Hello Elementor theme then it works absolutely fine but with some other theme I also get the same black buttons and those are for sub menu toggle. Let me check how to make it disappear on other themes.

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Thank you very much. I will be waiting for a message from you. So what template would you suggest?

Just add this CSS and it should fix it.

.sub-menu-toggle { display:none; }

Also, I would always recommend to start with the Hello Elementor Theme when working with Elementor as it’s most compatible with the theme they’ve created.


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Very very thanks !!!

Very very thanks !!!

You’re welcome. Glad I could help.

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@Tadeusz Those boxes are a new feature of the latest WordPress theme, just as an FYI :)